Kari Cobb : Fond du Lac Acupuncture


 Pricing:  $110 for initial; $75 for established patient follow up visits

Treatment plans available: 

5 treatment package:  $350 ($70/session)

Note: Effective 1/1/23: Price for initial session will be $125 and $80 for established patient follow up visits. There will be a 5 treatment package plan available for $375 ($75/visit). 

Plans are good for one year from date of service and are transferrable between family members, as long as each member has completed an initial session.

FSA and HSA accounts can be used for acupuncture.

Please give 24 hours notification if cancelling.  No shows or cancellations under 24 hours are subject to the following charges: $110 for intial visit and $75 for follow up visits.