Dr. Kari Cobb
Fond du Lac Acupuncture Clinic, LLC


Please call your insurance company to see if you have insurance coverage. If they say no, then you can book an appointment online and you will be charged as a cash patient.  However, if they tell you that you have insurance, please click on the link below and fill it out. This will send it to my billing agency who will also check and get details on it. They will then send me the information and I will call you and set up an appointment with you. This may take up to a few days for me to get the information.  If you are seen before insurance is verified, you will be expected to pay the full cash price until so. It is my intention to be in-network with all the insurance plans. Currently, I am in-network with most, but not all insurance plans. Note: VA patients do not need to do this, as they are referred directly from the VA.

Verify Your Insurance