Kari Cobb : Fond du Lac Acupuncture


I am an insurance provider for:

Cigna; Humana; Tivity, United Health Care; VA; BCBS; ASH (American Specialty Health)

I do not take Network Health. 

Please check BEFORE coming into the office to see if you have acupuncture insurance benefits by calling your insurance company and/or your human resources department.  Most people do not have benefits, but some do.  If you find out you do, please check to see if you need to meet your deductible first. Secondly, check to see if there are limitations on conditions covered.  Many plans limit what diagnoses they will cover.  Thirdly, check to see if they limit the number of treatments offered.  If you are VA, you will need a referral from your physician first. I do not have a receptionist, so it is helpful to know all of this information before coming in for treatments. Thank you.



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